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Acrylic on Canvas

20X20 inch / 50X50 cm

Limited edition of 50 prints

״“I cannot believe that this is my life,” Alexa muttered to herself and began to laugh. She rolled over onto her back, opened her eyes and immediately stopped laughing.

A naked, blue young man was staring at her.

Her initial shock gave way to a second, closer examination. He was not naked, rather just without a shirt. He also could not wear pants because the lower portion of his body was that of a horse. He’s one of those centaur thingys! It dawned on her. She suddenly became extremely self-conscious about the fact that she had just fallen out of a window and judging by the sound of it, had probably torn her clothes as well.

And that was how Alexa met Danel."

Page 111, "Colors of Awakening" by Ola N. Gandelman

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Ola Natashina Gandelman was born in March of 1989 to a single mother in Leningrad (now known as St. Petersburg), Russia.

While trying to raise Ola on her own, her mother would often provide her with children's books to occupy her, thus igniting Ola's love for literature and story-telling. The first stories she was exposed to were the works of Hans Christian Andersen, the Grimm Brothers, and especially a wide variety of Russian folklore. These fairytales and their unique darkness and characteristics found their way into her heart and stories, claiming it to be their home. 

When Ola was old enough to hold a pencil she started to draw. Her style changed with age, though she was mostly sketching as a young girl. The big turnaround came after her first book “Colors of Awakening” was finished. Ola developed a unique style, saturated with naïve and magical realism characteristic. From that point on all of Ola’s paintings were illustrations and stories from her book, created in her signature style. Now Ola allows to follow her into that magical world in colors as well.

Nowadays, when Ola isn't writing fantasy war stories or participating in art exhibitions around the world, she spends her days reading, playing the piano, training hopefully for half a marathon and practicing Yoga. She lives with her husband and their cheerful yet somewhat cowardly dog and a snobbish cat. All three are among her biggest fans.


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